Foundation Repair & Underpinning Experts

As one of the leading foundation repair contractors in Florida, Helicon has successfully performed thousands of foundation repair projects. Our foundation repair options can increase the value of your property and restore it's foundation to its former integrity. Foundations can experience settlement from underlying soils or lateral movements from adjacent excavations, requiring various foundation repair approaches to stop or correct the movement. 

Helicon's foundation repair contractors are able to educate our clients on all their foundation repair solutions. There are typically multiple geotechnical solutions, each come with different features and benefits, when looking to find a solution. As foundation experts, we have experience with the full range of repair techniques to provide effective foundation repair.

Foundation Repair & Underpinning Solutions: Grouting



Polyurethane grouting is a re-leveling technique in which a unique type of polyurethane mixture is injected into the soil, and expands to fill voids and level slabs or foundations.



This technique consists of pumping a low-viscosity grout into affected granular soils through a predrilled hole and injection pipe to modify the ground with the hardening or materializing of the grout.

Foundation Repair & Underpinning Solutions: Piles & Piers



Helical pile installation is ideal for stabilizing existing structures that have been damaged due to settlement. The weight of a structure's load bearing walls is transferred off the weak soils and onto the helical piers.



Micropiles are combined with other techniques to ensure a solid, compact foundation allowing you peace of mind when building. Once the micropile is drilled into the ground, grout is pumped in, filling the hole.



Helicon’s push pier foundation system is made of steel and driven deep into the soil beneath a foundation to solve.