Florida's Deep Foundation Construction Experts

Deep foundation construction allows structural elements to reach underlying soils or rock, while bypassing loose or weak soils, and provide better structural support. Helicon's deep foundation construction team can work prior to the building of a structure as a pre-construction system, or as underpinning for existing buildings. The process essentially includes drilling deep into the ground at specific points as determined by your assigned Project Manager. Then, our expertly trained team of geotechnical workers use the proper materials and methods to grout or fill the hole with reinforced concrete.

Deep Foundations Uses

Supports both new or existing structures.

Supports stationary and tectonic loads.

Supports compressive, soft, or horizontal loads.

Deep Foundation Construction Solutions - Piles & Piers

Deep Foundation Construction

Helical Piles

Helical pile installation is ideal for stabilizing existing structures that have been damaged due to settlement. The weight of a structure's load bearing walls is transferred off the weak soils and onto the helical piers.

Deep Foundation Construction


Micropiles are combined with other techniques to ensure a solid, compact foundation allowing you peace of mind when building. Once the micropile is drilled into the ground, grout is pumped in, filling the hole.

Deep Foundation Construction

Push Piers

Helicon’s push pier foundation system is made of steel and driven deep into the soil beneath a foundation to solve.


Deep Foundation Construction Solutions - Displacement Piles & Shafts

Deep Foundation Construction

Displacement Piles

Helicon’s displacement piles are bored, cast in-place, grouted piles installed by advancing our unique displacement tool into the ground with a drilling platform capable of applying high torque to the displacement tool.

Deep Foundation Construction

Drilled Shafts

Helicon’s process of inserting drilled shafts into the ground occurs when a building project or foundation repair job requires a deep foundation system.