A Brief History of Vibro Solutions

A Brief History of Vibro Solutions

Early Compaction

The need for soil compaction reaches far back in human history, but has only recently been solved. At the dawn of the 19th century, soil compaction was used primarily for densifying the earth along roads. Pioneered by John Fitzgerald, the sheeps foot roller, or Fitzgerald Roller, led the way in soil compaction by mimicking a herd of sheep, tamping down loose dirt and clay. 

Vibro Solutions Emerge

Fast-forward a few decades and we can see vibrofloation emerging as the newest soil compaction method. Patented by engineers Sergei Steverman and Wilhelm Degan, in place vibrators were used to densify large areas of soil. Using horizontally vibrating mechanisms and water, vibroflotation reduces the friction between soil particles, allowing for an increase in material density and creating an area with improved strength and limited compressibility. This method of soil stabilization is mostly used for wider surface areas and has helped pave the way for poker vibrators and Vibro Replacement. 

Vertical Vibration

Thanks to Steverman and Degen’s early work, the poker vibrator was introduced as a solution for deeper soil stabilization. By using an elongated, vertically vibrating mechanism, this method allows for compaction by penetrating an area, displaying loose soils and compacting the surrounding area. The poker, which is now known as a vibroflot, can also operate efficiently below ground-water, thus compacting soils normally inaccessible without drainage.

Vibro Replacement 

Shortly after the arrival of the poker vibrator, the Vibro Replacement solution emerged and is the cornerstone of soil stabilization today. Used in conjunction with vibroflotation methods, Vibro Replacement is a solution that uses stone columns to improve load bearing characteristics as well as ground stability. Using vertical vibration, a vibrator suspended by a crane displaces soil to reach a predetermined depths. After reaching the bottom of its designed descent the vibrator is pulled up slightly to allow gravel to fill the surrounding area. Once the area is filled, the vibrator is used to press and compact the soil.  

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