How To Keep Tenants Happy During a Foundation Repair

How To Keep Tenants Happy During a Foundation Repair

While repairing your foundation is a great way to fortify the base of your building or complex, there is potential for disruption, either to you or your tenants. The best way to help everything go smoothly is by staying on top of everything. Read on to find out how you can keep your tenants happy during foundation repair.

Be Inquisitive

When you’re having any repairs done, the last thing you want is to be the last to know what’s going on. Staying informed starts with asking the right questions. Ask your foundation repair company questions about the length of the project, the level of intrusion into your tenant’s homes, if at all, and the nature of the repair. If you rent out an office building, check to see if the business can still operate around the repairs. Be proactive in gathering information that is important for your tenants to know.

Communication and Transparency


Once you do know the details of the repair, relay that information to your tenants. The people in your building have lives too, so be open and honest with them so they can plan accordingly. There’s nothing quite like being in the dark on a project that’s happening with your own home.

Be Responsive

In order to keep your residents happy, and ultimately keep them in your space longer, be responsive and listen to them. With more in depth repair projects, issues are bound to come up, especially so if your renting out an older building. Pay attention to any complaints your tenants may have and act on them quickly if you can. Being responsive also means relaying information quickly, acting as a liaison between your occupants and your foundation repair company.

Check in Regularly


Keeping an open dialogue with all parties involved in your repairs is the best way to insure that everything flows as smoothly as possible. Check in as frequently as necessary with your tenants to see if there’s anything you should be aware of. In addition, check in for updates on the project from your contractors.

Demonstrate Professionalism

Renting out space to your tenants is a form of business and you should treat it like one too. From your relationship with your tenants, to the help that you hire for repairs, make sure you maintain an air of integrity. Hire professionals with a proven track record of residential and commercial work. As a landlord, you’re only as professional as the company you hire, which is why it takes a bit of research up front to determine the best fit for you.

Being up front and highly communicative can help your foundation repair run smoothly and keep your residents happy. Know your repair company and their processes, be open and responsive, and do your best to facilitate a speedy project.